Goosestepping into Teldrassil

I keep seeing this picture in my mind when ever I see Sylvanas Windrunner when I log into World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth.  As Fran has said, it is certainly a love/hate relationship.   Just before Sylvanas burns the World Tree she looks at another of her many victims and says “This is War” to […]... Read More


“Blizzard is more interested in telling you their narrative then letting you make your own narrative” – IGN, World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth: How WoW has taken the World out of Warcraft /spit /slap That’s about all you can do to an NPC (non-player character) in World of Warcraft that is marked as “essential” […]... Read More
this isn't war this is hatred2 this isn't war this is hatred3 this isn't war this is hatred

Not Now, Not Ever!

As Sylvanas Windrunner is leaning over a dying night elf whispering into her ear, why she is doing what she is doing…the elf replies with her dying breath… this isn’t war, this is hatred. I couldn’t agree more. After finishing the last of the quests, that lead up to the new expansion that is about […]... Read More

The Great Retcon

My grandfather used to call it “telling someone to go to hell and make them like it” – what I am talking about here is what I have come to think of as “the great retcon” by Blizzard. Retroactive continuity – Wikipedia Retroactive continuity, or retcon for short, is a literary device in which […]... Read More

Price and the Heavy Price

Let’s be clear.  ArenaNet didn’t “fold like a cheap card table“, she wasn’t “thrown to the wolves”,  and she most certainly is not a victim.  Mike O’Brien, president of Arenanet, most certainly did not fail to lead.  As has been pointed out, Derior’s comment did not exist in a vacuum, and most certainly neither did […]... Read More

Tomorrow a feather duster

There is a line that that Tina Turner delivers in one of her movies where she says “Today, cock of the walk, tomorrow a feather duster” – truer words were never spoken.   Perhaps its the way Jessica Price said “next rando asshat who attempts to explain the concept of branching dialogue to me–as if, you […]... Read More